Important Factors That Affect Potty Training Boys and Girls

Published: 27th March 2009
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There is a huge difference between potty training boys vs. girls. One common mistake parents make is to train their child without considering how the influence of gender comes into play. The biological traits of your child play a huge factor in the potty training process. In addition, studies have shown that in most cases, girls tend to learn faster than boys.

So what are the different potty training tips to consider in relation to gender?

Here are several factors that can have an affect on your child's toilet training readiness:

When Potty Training Boys Consider:

Potty Positioning
Explain to your child why he needs to pee standing up as opposed to sitting down like mommy or like his sister (if he has one). Whenever your child has to go to the potty, position your child right in front of it so he could aim with no trouble at all.

When your child gets distracted and starts swaying back and forth while peeing, discuss with your child the importance of aiming right - mainly because of cleanliness and proper hygiene.

TIP: Consider using potty training targets - these are readily available in many varieties. They make peeing a little more fun and help your son aim better.

Proper Hygiene
Your child needs to learn the proper hygiene to avoid any harmful germs. Try to remind him that it is important to wash himself after each bowel movement. If he's not circumcised, it's imperative for him to keep his penis clean by washing under the foreskin.

Including the Dad
Your child might not be able to easily visualize using the potty as a male, i.e. different to you. So it's better to include his dad (or father figure) in the whole process. His dad can teach him the different parts of the body necessary for potty training. Your son will emulate his dad naturally because their biological makeup is more similar.

Your Son's Disposition
Boys tend to learn slower than girls because girls tend to develop faster - mentally, physically and emotionally. It's important for you to be more patient with him, because it will take a bit longer for him to learn the right potty behavior.

When Potty Training Girls Consider:

Potty Positioning
Explain to your girl that the right way to use the potty is by sitting down. Teach her the right way to sit to prevent leaks.

Proper Hygiene
Whether after each bowel movement or even after urinating, your child has to wipe herself. Explain to her the right way to wipe herself - from front to back to avoid urinary tract infections. Explain also the importance of washing her hands after each visit to the toilet.

You're Her Role Model
To speed up the process, teach her how it's supposed to be done by letting her watch you go to the toilet. Observational learning is a more efficient way of showing your child the right potty behavior. By emulating you she also feels more grown up and more willing to learn.

Your Daughter's Disposition
Girls develop their communication skills faster than boys. In this regard, your daughter has a bigger advantage and consequently, saves you more time.

At the end of the day, the factors that affect the toilet training process can be quite different for boys and girls. But the important thing is that you are always there to attend to your child's needs. Although, they may have different physiological needs, your constant care and support are what matters most, and ultimately what is consistent across the two genders.

There are a few more details to consider, especially if you have a boy and a girl that need training at round about the same time. does a thorough job of describing the things to be aware of to avoid complications.

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